Bachelor’s Guide To Ward Off Starvation

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The Bachelors Guide to Ward Off Starvation is 176 page guide including recipes, cooking tips, cartoons, humor and more. Read more about this internationally celebrated series for men below. Sample pages are included.

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The Bachelors Guide to Ward Off Starvation

Best Selling Book Series for Men (single or otherwise)

The Bachelors Guide to Ward Off Starvation is the first book in the best selling series. It is illustrated by award winning cartoonist Yardley Jones. The 176 pages are filled with recipes, tips, and humor and written in a language that any bachelor can understand.  Also, the Bachelors Guide to Ward Off Starvation is a perfect gift for the single man out there who needs all the help he can get. Additionally, it is a cornucopia of information and is both educational and entertaining.  The topics include: Eggs-citing Ideas, Sandwiches For One,  Rabbit Food (Salads), 20+ Ways To Cook Hamburger, Poor Man’s Potluck, Career Path Casseroles, Microwave Cooking, Economically Serving Seafood, BBQ Bonanza, Quiet Dinners For 2, Cooking For Six To Eight, Tempting Desserts, Inexpensive Party Treats, Fruit Of The Vine … Wines, Getting Started, Cooking Tools And Terms, Spices Of Life and 53 Thrifty Free Suggestions.  Furthermore, the Bachelors Guide series has sold over 300,000 copies around the world!


Bachelors Guide to Ward Off Starvation table of contents

Tips on how to use a hotplate

Bachelors Guide to Ward Off Starvation easy recipes for eggs

“The cartoons and recipe chapter headings alone in the Bachelors Guide To Ward Off Starvation are enough reason to buy this super cookbook. Look up 20+ Ways to Cook Hamburger and Career-Path Casseroles – well worth the price of admission. Also, these recipes are written in an off-the-wall style, but they really work. I gave this book to my two sons when they moved out to go to university and to work, and they loved it. The recipes range from very basic, boiled eggs and Macaroni and Cheese, to reasonably sophisticated but still very simple, Baked Rotini and Coq au Vin. I have friends who have bought this book for their kitchen-illiterate husbands when going on business trips or holidays, or even going into the hospital for an operation. Several women I know have also given this cookbook to male friends who have recently been divorced or widowed, it’s been a lifesaver – no exaggeration.”

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